Sealions & Friends EP

by Everlasting Arm

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Jonathan Jones
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Jonathan Jones This is simply a superb effort by Everlasting Arm. Having seen them live I was reminded of some of my favourite bands of my University years like Buffalo Tom and Pavement. Love this, you should too.
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released May 9, 2016

Rhythm guitar, loud voice on tracks 1-3: John Arm
Lead guitar, loud voice on track 4: Kenno
Bass guitar, backing voice on track 3: Daniel Jennings
Drums: Leigh Johnson

Recorded, mixed and produced by Matt Elliss at Axis Recording Studios.

All music & lyrics by Fell/Kennovin except track 2 by Fell and track 4 by Kennovin.

Artwork by Rob Hadfield
Original drawing by Ben Russell.

Extra special thanks to: Phil Taylor and Ben Booth.



all rights reserved


Everlasting Arm England, UK

EVERLASTING ARM are pleased to bring you their unmistakeable brand of lo-fi pop and gravy.

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Track Name: Sealions
Sealions run, waiting for the day they get out
Out of their cage, back against the chemical light
See how they charge up, harassing celebrity magistrates
Into the wild, it's never going to happen my friend

Why did you make that call?
What were you thinking of?
When will you make a better choice?
Who are you going to love?

Best burnt from froze, fostering the need for familiar things
Stepchild of his, lingering too long on the doorstep (step, step)
Nevertheless, your poorly informed spite notwithstanding
Needless to say, I had the second-to-last laugh

Sealions, in their kennels.
Track Name: No Records
If I said that I was over you
You know it must've been a lie
'Cos the thought of never holding you
You know it eats me up inside

'Cos I don't think it's sociable
To see love as disposable
I know I get unreasonable
Unreasonable at times
But you can breathe a sigh

No records will remain of what we had
No records will remain
Please erase me from your memory
Won't you delete me from your history

And how can I explain the way it feels
To hold you in my hands
To someone who has never had to let you go
Track Name: JB
Back from the brink
An accident waiting to happen again
Oh you must have known
That I couldn't bear it, to lose you like everything

I was only killing time.

Undo the thread
And listen again as they tell you the legend
Of what went wrong
I wrote it all down in the folder I sent to you

Won't you spend a bit more time?
Oh could you spare a sec?
Can't you spend a bit more time?

But you don't get another chance
To beat me with your olive branch
You'll find me on the sleeping sands
You can call from the shore

Whispers and glares
Between the old faxes
The glass at the axis
I couldn't bear
And now that I've told you my life cannot be the same

I was only killing time
Until you come back home
I was only killing time

Call across the sky
I was only killing time
Track Name: Cycle Spin
Keep your receipts
Log all of your phonecalls
Label seconds
Bought in smaller stores

The cycle spins
And the eons race
How I abuse you

Don't come around
There is no space
It gets late
And it gets early